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  • A Parent’s Guide to TikTok

    Have you heard about the latest new app called TikTok? In this fun class we'll take a look at the fastest growing social media app used by millions each day. Learn how it's used and how parents can also help their kids stay safe while on it. We'll cover everything you need to know as it's paving the future of a new social media.
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    ACT Prep Class

    ACT College Prep Course - In Person Advantage Educational Programs gives students the option of preparing for the ACT exam in three different ways: the In-School ACT Preparatory Course, the Virtual ACT Preparatory Course, or the Online ACT Preparatory Course. All three courses are designed for students who want to maximize their ACT exam score, as well as those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills or who have taken the exam and aren’t satisfied with their results. In-School ACT Preparatory Course - (ACT-209) This course consists of four, three-hour classes that meet one day each week at one of our many school locations. The course includes diagnostic testing, instruction in time management, overcoming test anxiety, science reasoning, English strategies and review, essay writing, reading comprehension, and math strategies and review. Students enrolled in these classes not only benefit from personal instruction provided by our experienced instructors, but also have free access to our online course. The fee for this course is $150, will all class materials included. You may also repeat this course online at no extra charge. This course will be offered again in September at the Faribault Education Center. Virtual ACT Preparatory Course - (ACT-913, ACT 914- & ACT-915) This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend an in-school class, but still prefers the interaction with one of our Advantage instructors. The Virtual ACT Prep Course is the same as the In-School ACT Prep Course, but from the comfort of your own home. Our Instructors teach live via our virtual classroom and are available to answer questions if needed. The fee for this course is $150 and the only things you need are an internet connection and a computer/tablet/smart phone. You may also repeat this course at no charge. Online ACT Preparatory Course - (ACT-888) This course is designed for any student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own schedule and at their own pace. Once enrolled, students are sent an access code for their class via email and can access the course at any time. The fee for this course is $60, and you may repeat the course at no charge. For further information, please call Advantage Educational Programs at 612-222-5108, or visit their website at
  • Budgeting to Win

    Do you feel your finances are out of control? Learn how to reduce financial-related stress by gaining control of your money through creating and working off of a budget. In addition to budgeting, we will also learn techniques to increase your lower expenses and increase income.
  • Cell Phones & Parenting

    When your child has a Smartphone there are key things you should know in order to keep them safe and secure. In this class you’ll understand recommended safety settings on popular social media apps, parental apps for your child’s Smartphone, and more! We simplify this complicated technology so that you and your child can use the phone safely without worry.
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    Darkness to Light "Stewards of Children"

    Darkness to Light "Stewards of Children" is committed to empowering adults to prevent child sexual abuse though awareness, education, and stigma reduction. In this program you will learn what to do if you suspect, how to identify Sexual Abuse, and how to assist in protecting children.
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    Ease Into Social Media - Lunch & Learn

    Do you want to gain a better understanding on exactly what social media is all about? This class will go over step by-step basics for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.Common questions and insights on social media will be reviewed so that you're up to date on the latest buzz words and topics. Come and learn to share, search and connect and leave social media savvy as ever! No prior experience required.
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    Help with Facebook: Get the Answers You Need

    In this class you’ll learn to feel confident using the world’s most popular social media site to safely connect with family and friends. Attendees will learn the basics along with posting photos and other top tips for utilizing the site. We'll also review the recommended privacy settings and you'll leave this training with the knowledge on how to navigate confidently through the social media platform.
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    Help with Snapchat

    Have you been curious as to what Snapchat is exactly? In this workshop we will cover everything adults need to know about one of most popular social media apps in the world. You'll learn the foundation for how Snapchat is used, what the basic features include, and more. Stay up to date in today's digital world with this fun and informational class. Attendees will learn the basic fundamentals of how the app works, how to set up safety features, how to check for profile details, and how advertisers work to target audience members.
  • How To Create Your Own YouTube Channel

    In this fun beginner class, you’ll learn the basics to create and begin your very own YouTube channel. Join the world’s largest media platform to share your hobbies, advice, instructions, gifts and more with the world and your audience!
  • How to Use Uber for Transportation Independence

    Do you hate to drive in bad weather or when it's dark outside? Expand your transportation options and independence through the ride sharing service, Uber. In this training workshop, students will learn the basics and gain the knowledge on how to use Uber if needed. Noexperience required and training materials will be provided for each attendee.
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    Let’s Talk About Medicare

    As you get closer to 65, the amount of information you get concerning Medicare can make the process of applying very confusing. This is an educational meeting about Medicare and Medicare insurance that will answer your questions. We will discuss what Medicare covers, what it costs, and how and when to enroll. We will also review the types of Medicare insurance available and the factors to consider when deciding what type of plan is best for you. Each participant will receive a brochure that includes information covered in the meeting.
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    Morning Lap Swim

    Masters Lap Swim is for swimmers 18 years of age or older. Must be experienced or novice swimmers who would like to work on improving your strokes while benefiting your health. High School competitive swimmers are also welcome during this time.
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    Podcasts for Beginners

    Have you heard about Podcasts and would like to learn more? In this class you will learn all about how to listen to these digital audio shows online, select your favorite topics and even learn about any subject. You'll see how Podcasts are now one of the most popular tools for learning and personal growth, as well as a fun form of entertainment! No prior experience required. Learn how to download a Podcast app, understand the different categories to choose from, how to subscribe to a Podcast you enjoy and how to listen to them while in your home, car, or out for a walk.
  • Restorative Yoga with Nikki

    Join Mrs. Nikki for some restorative yoga. This will be a slow-flow style of yoga to stretch out your muscles and relax your mind. I will offer modifications and supports so that all ages, bodies, and abilities will be able to access this class. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mats and props. I have 15 yoga mats, blocks, and straps for you to use as well. I recommend bringing a blanket or towel as an additional support tool and a water bottle. A firm pillow is also a nice supportive prop to bring. Please message me if you will need supplies to participate.
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    Social Media for Business

    Driving new customer traffic to your website and promoting your business is imperative in today's technology world. Don't let your skillset or company get left behind by missing the key social media rules you need to know! In this class, you'll learn how to craft a simple but effective social media marketing strategy, listen directly to customers and implement tips to grow your business all while staying organized without technology overwhelm.
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    Stay Safe! Fraud and Scam Prevention

    Have you heard stories from family members or friends that have been taken advantage of in a scam? Concerned about the risk of identity theft? Join us as we uncover common types of scams and steps to take to prevent yourself from becoming a victim!
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    Twitter for Beginners

    Have you been curious as to what Twitter is exactly? In this class we'll go over all the basics you need to know about one of the largest social media platforms in the world. You'll learn how to create a profile, read what others are saying, how to send a Tweet, and more. Whether you are just curious as an observer or you would like to become a user yourself, this is the class you need to stay up to date in today's digital world.
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    Understanding Credit

    Curious about how credit scores are really calculated? Would you like to lower the amount of debt that you have, but are not sure where to start? Join us as we explore these topics as well as credit score myths and facts, how to build credit if you have none, and how to rebuild credit after a major life event.
  • What In the World are NFTs (Cryptocurrency)?

    Learn what you need to know about this digital asset in today’s technology world. You’ll leave the class with a basic understanding of what an NFT exactly is, how it’s used and their impact on the future for music, artists and digital creators!