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How to Register………

If you have any questions, call 507-333-6000

If you are currently registered for any class or event through Community Education, you may already have an account set up. If you’re unsure, in order to prevent setting up a duplicate Account, select the option to sign in and use “forgot password” link. If your account is not found, follow the steps below to create an one. Once you have an account, you may register online.

Login Set-up:

1.Go to the software website (

2.Select Create an Account.

3.Complete the Create an Account form.

(Required fields are indicated with an asterisk.)


Sign in using an existing Facebook account by selecting the blue Facebook bar at the top of the form.

Add Relationships (Children) to Your Account

To facilitate registrations, we ask that you add all family relationships (spouse and children), as well as grandparents or other authorized adults who may be emergency contacts.

1.Log in to your Account.

2.Relationships on this Account are shown in the left sidebar of the Welcome Screen. Select Manage Your Relationships.

3.Select .

4.Select how this person is related to you using the drop-down list.

5.Select .

6.Complete the form and select the Add button. (Required fields are indicated with an asterisk.)

7.Select to add another Relationship.

As soon as your User Account is set up, you may begin to use the system.