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  • Glass Block Painting

    Use your creative and artistic talents to paint a winter landscape on glass. These lighted glass blocks, make beautiful gifts and/or night lights.  Blocks, lights, and paints will be available.  Please bring your preferred color of wired ribbon.
  • Barn Quilt Painting Workshop

    Consider attending this Barn Quilt Painting Workshop with Naomi Jirele. Join the barn quilt movement by creating your own painted quilt for your barn, shed, garage, or garden fence. After a short historical overview of barn quilts, you will begin with a pre-primed 4' x 4' board and be guided through each step including: drafting, taping, and painting. After you get some tips to paint the masked areas, you may work at your own speed. Depending on your design and pace, you will leave with a finished quilt or with it almost completed, and full instructions on how to complete/seal it confidently. (2’x2’ size in an option.)You will need to bring additional supplies.  Additional instructions will be provided before your class.  Your finished board will prove to be quite a showpiece in your yard for years to come!