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  • Kids Art Camp

    Each day your child will create fantastic projects, canvas & clay! During the first hour, we will create a colorful canvas creation as they learn a few techniques and special strokes that will help them be better painters for life! Then, we will roll, design and construct a coordinating clay project to put the finishing touches on our story theme of the day!
  • Be Prepared, Not Scared

    Be Prepared, Not Scared! Have you ever seen someone fall and hurt their leg? Or perhaps you know someone who's been very ill? Have you ever been near an accident? Imagine being able to help in each of these situations - that's what First Aid is all about. Children can make a difference in an emergency situation and the most important thing is for them to know simple basic first aid steps to follow in different situations. Topics include: recognizing an emergency and knowing what to do, calling 911, basic first aid techniques, personal safety tips, tricky people, gun and fire safety. Students attend this class independently. Parents are encouraged to review the take home information and discuss it with their child. Students can bring a snack.